Test center

Because of the above two large test equipment, it can imitate the performance indicators of the brake assembly after loading to do a full range of performance tests.

Axle fatigue testing machine regularly carries out fatigue tests on various axle assemblies to ensure product quality stability.

Double station pump endurance testing machine, pressure testing machine, used to test oil pump, rubber tube and other parts

Salt spray testing machine, high and low temperature alternating humidity and heat testing machine, ozone aging testing machine, used to test electrophoresis, galvanized, dacromet and other surface treatment

10T electronic WANNENG testing machine, 30T hydraulic WANNENG testing machine, used to test the strength test of shoe, brake pad assembly, tensile strength/yield strength/elongation test of steel, tensile/pressure test of spring/cable parts;

Magnetometer, used to check the residual magnetic quantity of the electromagnet shell

Carbon and sulfur analyzer, tensile and compression WANNENG testing machine, Brinell hardness tester, Rockwell hardness tester, Vickers hardness tester, etc., for all kinds of steel plates, square steel round steel, tempered parts, cast parts of the chemical composition, yield strength, elongation, hardness and other physical properties of the test

Metallographic inspection, used to detect the cast parts such as brake drum, hub, brake disc, brake caliper, connector and other metallographic structure

Spring torsion fatigue tester, used for fatigue test of each batch of springs

Bolt detector

Constant speed friction testing machine is used to check the stability of the product during the production of friction lining