Airui Brake System Co., Ltd. has a research and development team with the courage to make breakthroughs in technology and strive to innovate in products. Today, when the brake pad brake industry continues to upgrade, there is no R & D, there is no right to speak on the market, so Erui set R & D as the top priority for the development of the group. At present, our R&D team has expanded to 25 people, including 2 people with master's degree and 15 people with bachelor's degree. With an average age of 28, the team is full of vigor, vitality and fighting spirit. The group's investment in scientific research is also very huge. At present, our test center has fixed assets of 15 million yuan.

A hard work, a harvest. After our Jinli Technology Research Institute all researchers work day and night, painstaking efforts, Jinli Group leading the industry of carbon ceramic formula brake pads came out. The carbon ceramic formula brake pads of Jinli Group are reinforced by carbon fiber and created by the unique production process of Jinli Group, with excellent product characteristics such as no noise, no falling ash, higher friction coefficient and high temperature resistance.

In recognition of the continuous torrent of Jinli Technology Research Institute, the spirit of research and development and the successful mass production of carbon ceramic formula brake pads. After the group's research decision, awarded the Jinli Technology Research Institute, 2020 Jinli Group "Technology Innovation Award"! The picture is as follows: