RV/trailer accessory manufacturers discuss precautions for using electromagnetic brakes

1. Please use the electromagnetic brake in a state where there is no water or oil at all. If the friction area is contaminated with substances such as water or oil, the friction torque will be greatly reduced, and the braking sensitivity will also deteriorate. To avoid these situations in use, please add a cover.
2. When using in dusty areas, please put all the brakes in the box. Electromagnetic brakes below 60KGM can be used in upright versions, even higher models can be used.
3. Please keep the bracket light and do not use the bearings of the brake to withstand excessive pressure.
4. Regarding the screws used for assembly, please use spring metal sheets, adhesives, etc. to prevent loosening.
5. While using the mechanical side frame to maintain the leads, it is also necessary to use terminal boards and other devices for precise connections.