Meet Eli, meet a better self

Xiaolei @:
I came to Erui in February 2018, just after the Spring Festival. Before coming to Erui, I worked in the communication industry and the paper industry, and I worked in many industries. I used to work in places far from home in other provinces, so it's more convenient to work near home in Erui!
When I was in another province, my wife worked in Jinan and the two of them lived separately. I came to Erui to provide convenient accommodation for my husband and wife, and the two of them could live together; Also, coming to Erui made me realize that there is such an industry. Firstly, I am quite interested in this industry and feel that it has great development prospects; After arriving at this enterprise, I saw that the company attaches great importance to research and development, and has invested heavily in it. This indicates that the company has high requirements for quality in terms of craftsmanship, and its goal has always been to produce good brake pads in the industry. I highly recognize this concept.
In the company, from the chairman to every staff member, everyone has a deep understanding of quality. I have been doing quality testing and internal inspection, and this position makes me proud!
Wen Juan @:
The atmosphere of working here is like a big family. We are all people from all over the world. We are as harmonious as brothers and sisters, and there is no distance to communicate!
Everyone speaks very kindly and the atmosphere is very good, which gives you the feeling that when you put your whole heart into something and find a way to do it well, you will become more and more confident. You feel that this matter is very meaningful to you, giving you strong confidence and strength!
My feeling at work is that I am not doing a job, I am safeguarding the driving safety of millions of users. I feel that my work is very meaningful, so I can feel some inspiration and sense of responsibility brought by this kind of work every moment in my work!
When completing every order and delivering to customers, my heart is filled with joy!