Airui Brake System Co., Ltd. has a research and development team that has the courage to make breakthroughs in technology and innovation in products. With the continuous upgrading of brake pad brake industry today, no research and development will not have the right to speak on the market, so Erui set research and development as the top priority of the group's development and Jinli Technology Research Institute came into being. At present, our r&d team has expanded to 25 people, including 2 people with master's degree and 15 people with bachelor's degree. With an average age of 28, we are a team full of vigor, vitality and fighting spirit. The group has also invested a lot in scientific research. At present, our test center has fixed assets of 15 million yuan.


No pains, no gains. Through our jinli Technology Research Institute of all researchers day and night, dedicated efforts, Jinli Group leading the industry of carbon ceramic formula brake pads suddenly emerged. Jinli group's carbon ceramic formula brake pads are strengthened by carbon fiber and made by jinli Group's unique production process, with excellent product characteristics such as no noise, no ash, higher friction coefficient and high temperature resistance.


In recognition of jinli Technology Research Institute's continuous progress in the torrent, overcoming the difficulties of research and development spirit and the successful mass production of carbon ceramic formula brake pads. After the research and decision of the group, jinli Technology Research Institute was awarded the "Technical Innovation Award" of Jinli Group in 2020. The illustration is as follows:


Professional commitment to trailer, rv bridge, brake, brake drum spring suspension, connector, casters and related parts of the production of research and development sales in one.

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