3 minutes to learn self-test brake pads, black heart repair shop and then pit you!

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2017/08/29 15:27
3 minutes to learn self-test brake pads, black heart repair shop and then pit you!
The car is now into the tens of thousands of households, and more and more people enjoy the car life, but the car culture in the domestic development is still very slow, so many cars opened for several years or "car white."
Today, small wisdom to come to tell you some "dry goods", brake self-test does not ask for help, three minutes to learn to check the car brake system.
First check the brakes are divided into three parts, namely the brake pads, brake discs and brake oil pump, the three we separate how to check.
1, brake pads check
A normal brake system mileage between 18,000 km to 60,000 km, the span is very large, and the specific life of the brake pads with the driver's driving habits, driving environment, brake pads are related to the quality.
Brake piece self-test method is very simple, is to buy a vernier caliper to measure the new brake pads thickness of about 1.5cm in normal, and will continue to wear in the course of the use.
With the vernier caliper to see the thickness of the brake pads, when the thickness of the brake pad has only about 0.5cm left, you need to increase the frequency of self-test, and when the brake pad thickness of only 0.2 ~ 0.3cm, it must immediately replace The brake.
The last note is that, because the various models of the wheel style are not the same, and some if the demolition of the hub is difficult to accurately measure, it is recommended that you better remove the wheel to check.
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