Company care
Company leadership adhere to the "people-oriented" business philosophy, the staff gave full care, love.
1. Since October 2013 set up a love fund, specifically for the staff of the family due to illness, accident caused by the economic burden, to help, help, reflect the company's humanistic care.
Fund composition: the monthly fixed by the company out of 10,000 yuan into the fund, while calling on all employees dedicated love to help others is to help themselves, in the principle of voluntary dedication of their own love, but also as their own needs from time to time. As of July 2017, the company love fund balance 50 million yuan, spending more than 20 million yuan, effectively alleviate some employees because of family illness and other circumstances, resulting in huge economic pressure. From the beginning of 17 years, every time the love issued by the company sent to the workers, to carry out special condolences to bring the company's leadership letter, the staff to pay, support the family expressed gratitude for the family experience of condolences, received a good Effect. July 25 afternoon, the company once again organized all the staff held a "love fund funding" meeting on Wang Huiying, Zhang Hongyan love to support.
2. Set up departmental funds to standardize the incentive mechanism. The company set up performance appraisal of various departments, assessment results are used in the department, the department can handle their own sector funds. Itherither ...... Finds.vaint composition Rh of ON /s.
3. From time to time to organize employees to travel, relax, enhance cohesion. 2013 summer, the company funded the staff of the children's traditional culture camp, received a good effect. And calling rounds.ithers.omenigma Us to roundtru么 员, In the spring of 2016, the parents of outstanding employees traveled, reflecting the company's care for the parents of employees, praised by the workers.
4. Monthly birthday of the staff of the month, issued a beautiful birthday gift, sent to the company's greetings.
5. Benefits are paid. Every year Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival, March 8, etc., the payment of generous benefits.
6. Substantial rewards for old employees who have entered a certain number of years. Has been issued mobile phones, bonuses, custom watches and so on.
7,2017 since the beginning of the year, the company production and sales record high, especially front-line staff to respond positively to the company's top decision-making, to overcome the high temperature of the unfavorable factors, overtime every day, the quality and quantity to complete the company order plan. August 9, the company on all front-line staff to carry out additional benefits, each reward 300 yuan shopping card.

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