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In order to comprehensively improve the humanistic quality and scientific and professional quality of the employees, we will thoroughly implement the guiding ideology of "providing every employee with the opportunity of fair development", broaden the management ideas, increase the centripetal force and cohesion of the organization; Development, and constantly add, update new knowledge, stimulate the sense of innovation of all staff, training staff to solve practical problems and deal with all kinds of unexpected things, the ability to control a variety of complex problems, our company specially developed the following training mechanism:
First, the staff training is based on the development of the potential for the purpose of cultivating innovative spirit and practical ability as the focus.
Second, the staff of the training emphasis on effectiveness, adhere to the "theory with practice, to work needs as the cut" principle.
Third, the staff training is based on professional knowledge, professional skills, operational capacity, management level and corporate culture as the main content.
Fourth, staff training is divided into pre-job training and on-the-job training two.
1, staff pre-job training mainly to learn corporate culture, the company's rules and regulations, safety and other aspects of knowledge.
2, staff on-the-job training is to update the knowledge, improve the management level, improve the operational skills and other training, with timeliness and practicality.
Fifth, staff training is the development of all the staff of their own obligations and rights.
Sixth, before the end of each training, employees must carefully fill out the "training report form", according to the learning situation, by the human resources department in a timely manner to adjust, sum up learning experience.
VII. Staff attendance during the training period and academic performance as one of the basis for their job and promotion.
Eight, after the end of each training, organized by the Human Resources Department to carry out the relevant personnel to study the results of learning measures to implement the situation.
Nine, after the end of each training, by the Human Resources Department summed up the activities of the relevant materials will be reported.