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Talent is the capital of the enterprise, talent is the most valuable asset. The door of the Irish brake is open to all people with innovative consciousness and forge ahead. "People are right and bitter" is always our principle.
1, 2 sales director, 10 regional managers, salesman 40, annual salary of 5-50 million. Market planning, customer service department minister, customer service commissioner, sales of several internal.
2, 2 production managers, workshop director 10. Annual salary of 5-20 million.
3, 2 technical staff, five engineers, 10 technicians. Annual salary of 5-30 million.
4, equipment manager 2, maintenance workers 6. Annual salary of 6-20 million.
5, mold manager 2, mold maintenance workers, mold manufacturing workers 10.
6, 2 quality managers, 5 quality inspectors. Annual salary of 5-15 million.
7, 1 financial director, 2 in charge of finance, accounting 3. Annual salary of 4-20 million.
8, purchasing manager 1, regional purchasing manager 2, 5 buyers. Annual salary of 4-20 million.
9, 1 human resources director. Annual salary of 4-10 million.
Above positions, have work experience is preferred, excellent fresh students can also relax the conditions. For the entry of employees, will be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the company to pay social insurance or accident insurance, and enjoy the festive benefits, meal supplement, room allowance, lengthy subsidies, paid tourism, paid training and other benefits (the company has a restaurant and dormitory).
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 Contact: Mr. Feng, Mr. Cao