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Talent Strategy
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Appreciation of talent
    Talent is the fundamental enterprise development, is the first enterprise resources.
    Talent is the most precious and expensive resource.
    Competition in modern times is the competition of talent in the final analysis. Who owns the talent, who will occupy the commanding heights of market competition.
    Elite, gathered elite talent carrier.
     Talent strategy Talent strategy is an important part of the company's strategic development. "People-oriented" is to achieve the basic principles of corporate talent strategy, "to absorb talent, make good use of talent, retain talent, the development of talent" is the core of talent strategy.
    1) Seeking talent if thirsty,
    2) people-oriented, meritorious;
    3) human management, people do their best;
    4) career development, common growth;
    5) Welfare person, business person.
     Human Resource Management Mechanism Scientific human resource management mechanism is the fundamental guarantee to realize the talent strategy of the company. The company always adhere to establish and improve the human resources management mechanism, formed a "development, competition, incentives, eliminated" employment mechanism for outstanding talent to provide a broad career development space.
    1) to absorb talent
    In the country, eclectic talent, the company is full of passion for the creation of passionate young compound talents, through the introduction of market-oriented talent value positioning system, the establishment of a competitive salary system.
    2) make good use of talent
    Highly focused on the results of the final work, the company inherited the fine style. Effective, there are results, to achieve the goal, in the Ereli company will continue to improve.
    Enterprises adhering to the "people-oriented, the pursuit of excellence, harmony and win-win" spirit of enterprise, and strive to provide employees with the opportunity to grow and achieve common development of enterprises and employees.
    Honest and frank people, to comply with commitments, words and deeds consistent
    Passion to challenge, to be creative, to transcend self
    Responsibility to fulfill their duties, work conscientiously, personally
    The team obey the overall situation, collaborative development, the whole first
    Care for mutual respect, wide to treat people, serve the community
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