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In early July, by the production department, technical department, quality control department of the mold manufacturing sector to improve the brake arm punching die for acceptance. The original mold punching frequent rupture, die often collapse, after stretching the product quality is not stable. Improved punch life has exceeded 20,000, die has been generated 30,000, there is no crack phenomenon. And the punching and drawing process merged to improve the work efficiency of more than 50%, reducing production costs.
Approved by the company's leadership, the mold manufacturing sector cash awards 2,000 yuan.
Previously, in May 2017, the assembly workshop in the AZ031 floor pressure eccentric rod, you need to press the press to suppress twice: the first time the spring pressure in place, the second time will be eccentric rod diameter in place, this process requires the use of two Kind of tooling, staff work to replace a tooling, press twice the floor. Low efficiency, labor intensity, long production cycle.
By the production and mold manufacturing sector joint improvement. The final two kinds of tooling into one, suppress the floor when a suppression in place to improve the efficiency of more than 50%, reducing the labor intensity, improve the production speed, so that the follow-up work more convergence. In the current company sales, production tasks in the environment, greatly enhance the product assembly speed, to ensure that the company to complete the order to seize the market quality and quantity. After a period of use, the effect is good, the product meets the technical requirements for the company to save a lot of manpower and material resources. The company decided to reward the technical innovation of 1,500 yuan.